Appendix D: Quick Links to Federal, PA, & Philadelphia Law

Here are some links to free, online sources of Federal, Pennsylvania, and/or Philadelphia law, organized by type of law. 

FederalThe United States Constitution
PennsylvaniaThe Constitution of Pennsylvania
Bills/Legislation Legislation
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania General Assembly: Bills and Amendments
PhiladelphiaCity of Philadelphia: Legislation
FederalUnited States Code
GovInfo: U.S. Code
Office of the Law Revision Counsel: U.S. Code
Cornell Legal Information Institute: U.S. Code 
PennsylvaniaUnofficial Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes from Westlaw (includes both consolidated and unconsolidated PA statutes)

Pennsylvania General Assembly
Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes (P.S.): Chronological publication of statpautes passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Pa.C.S.): Official topical organization of Pennsylvania statutes in force at the time of publication.
Philadelphia OrdinancesPhiladelphia Code
FederalCode of Federal Regulations (arranged by subject)
Federal Register (regulatory dockets) 
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Code (arranged by subject)
Pennsylvania Bulletin (regulations issued since January 1, 2014)
Executive Orders
FederalFederal Register: Executive Orders (from 1994 to the present) Briefing Room: Presidential Actions (recent orders)
U.C. Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project: Executive Orders
PennsylvaniaGovernor of Pennsylvania: Executive Orders (recent orders)
Pennsylvania Bulletin (search by agency (Governor’s Office) or document type (Governor)). 
PhiladelphiaCity of Philadelphia: Executive Orders  (1952 to the present)
Case Law
Google Scholar
FederalU.S. Supreme Court Opinions:
Supreme Court of the United States
Opinions Relating to Orders (2011 – present)
Bound Volumes of the U.S. Reports (1991 Term – most recent published bound volume)
Library of Congress – U.S. Reports by Volume (volumes 1-570, covering the years 1754-2012)

GovInfo: United States Courts Opinions (opinions from selected U.S. appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts; starting around April 2004)
PennsylvaniaUnified Judicial System of PA
Court Opinions and Postings (PA appellate courts) 
Cases of Public Interest
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Opinions
Superior Court of Pennsylvania Opinions 
Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Opinions 
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia (FJD) Court Opinions (select opinions from the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Courts)
Court Dockets
RECAP Archive
Supreme Court of the United States – Docket Search
PennsylvaniaThe Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania Case Search
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Courts, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas – Civil
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas – Criminal (via UJS of PA Case Search)
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas – Orphans’ Court
Philadelphia Municipal Court – Civil (click “Login As Public User” to start)
Philadelphia Municipal Court – Criminal (via UJS of PA Case Search)
Court Rules
FederalSupreme Court of the United States: Rules and Guidance 

Federal Rules of Appellate, Bankruptcy, Civil, and Criminal Procedure; Rules of Evidence, and more:
United States Courts Current Rules of Practice & Procedure 
Cornell Law School – Legal Information Institute

Local Appellate & District Court Rules (related to PA) to be used in conjunction with the relevant set(s) of Federal Rules:
Third Circuit – Rules & Procedures
Eastern District of Pennsylvania – Local Rules, Standing and Administrative Orders
Middle District of Pennsylvania – Local Rules and Orders
Western District of Pennsylvania – Local Rules
Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure – Includes PA Orphans’ Court Rules
Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure
Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence
Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure
Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Conduct
Pennsylvania Juvenile Rules
Philadelphia (County rules to be used in conjunction with PA state rules)Philadelphia County Local Rules
Philadelphia Trial Division-Civil Local Rules
Philadelphia Trial Division-Criminal Local Rules
Philadelphia Orphans’ Court Division Local Rules
Philadelphia Family Division – Domestic Relations Local Rules
Philadelphia Family Division Juvenile Dependency Local Rules
Philadelphia Municipal Court Civil Local Rules
Philadelphia Municipal Court Criminal Local Rules
Philadelphia Municipal Court Traffic Local Rules
Philadelphia Rules of Judicial Administration

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